Bowser’s Road | Things that give me goosebumps

Not only is hindsight 20/20, but it’s also always rosey.

Why is that?

Growing up, I used to hear middle aged and elderly folk talk about “the good ol‘ days,” or “how things used to be,” (meaning better).

This goes for music, movies, marriages, pretty much anything. I’m always getting lectures about how kids these days.

Older folks might be right about kids these days….

The same happens in the gaming world, too. Sometimes our image of the way a game used to be isn’t how it really was.

As you can see from the name of this post, I’m guilty of it too. But I have no shame in that.

Older games–despite their graphical quality–usually give us the warm and fuzzies. It may just be a case of textbook nostalgia.


When I think about Mario 64, and the song “Bowser’s Road,” I feel happy.

When I hear it…

I feel goosebumps. Check it out:

Youtube Credit: SilverShadowMusic

I’m not fully sure why, but I guess the awesomeness of my first encounter with Bowser in 3D was overwhelming, and it will never leave my memory banks.

The song captured the spirit of the lead-up to the first Bowser boss fight perfectly IMO.

Then, the actual boss fight had a hip-hop-esque song to go with it:

Youtube Credit: CountBleck2009

Fire 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

Kudos to Koji Kondo and the other musicians for these works of art, and kudos to Nintendo for having the creative courage to do this.

We have to get older, but fret not. Paying homage to the past always makes modern IPs even more special (MK11 is a recent example of this).

That way, we’ll never have to say goodbye to characters (like Bowser) that made our childhood special. Only temporary goodbyes:

I had to do it…

Youtube Credit: YTSunny

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