3 life lessons from Grand Theft Auto to help you get rich

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Grand Theft Auto. Gamers love it. 99% of parents and politicians hate it. But this 20 year old series is (understandably) one of the most controversial games of our generation.

But, there are always life lessons to be learned from games. I previously talked about empire building in Stellaris. Now, let’s discuss Grand Theft Auto.

I’ve gotten around to playing almost every Grand Theft Auto game, and I’ve started to see recurring themes about success, and taking over the town…as well as learning how to easily reduce a 3-star police wanted level…. But that’s beside the point.

Here’s what I’ve learned.

#1 Have a clear purpose

Getting rich or achieving success are definitely good goals. But, making your goals more personally significant to you is best.


In Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, the main character, Tommy Vercetti, owes his boss a ton of money after a drug deal goes horribly wrong.

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After a “productive” talk with his boss, Tommy’s life purpose becomes pretty clear. Recover the cash, or die.

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Having a clear purpose easily enables you to find direction, and it makes it even easier to say yes to things, and say no to things.

Keep your goals specific and unique to you, like “first one to go to graduate school in my family,” or “starting a family dynasty,” that will make them stick, and become real.

#2. Get rich by solving people’s problems

You’ve probably heard this a million times. But it’s true. To create a business, you must solve a problem. It can be anything.

The more people you can help, the more money you can make.

In Grand Theft Auto, missions typically go like this: You meet someone, or you owe someone. They have their own *special problem, and you are in a unique position to help/work for them.

In GTA, or in real life, you get paid by helping someone achieve their particular goal. Period.


The “eccentric” billionaire, Yusuf, needs you to steal a train car for a museum he’s building overseas.

Use your skills to solve problems legitimately. You don’t need to steal trains or fight the feds to be successful.

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Successful people are always solving people’s problems. So should you.

#3. Build your mastermind group

Working in big groups can be hard. Everyone has a different goal, temperament, and overall personality. It’s definitely not easy.

But as the old saying goes ” you can get there faster alone, but you can go farther together.” Or something like that…

Connections are critical for getting jobs, finding business partners, and reducing risk.


In order to successfully complete heists in Grand Theft Auto 5, you need a crew. People who are both skilled, and trustworthy. So too, in life.

Video credit: Slicc

Work alone if you have to, build up your skillset and talents, but don’t be afraid to join forces with a person you trust, especially if they can fill in gaps in your abilities.

Just make sure that you and the people in your clique are going in the same direction, with similar goals.

Take the town

Apply these lessons, and you’ll make a huge impact in your city, and you’ll be the real Rockstar (get it?).

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